Asphalt Repair

Asphalts Repair

Allowing water to get beneath the asphalt surface can quickly break up the hot-top especially with the deep freeze we get in Northern Maine. Once under the asphalt surface, it can erode the foundation or freeze which causes heaving. Cracks can accumulate debris and dirt can start to grow weeds. Fixing cracks before they become potholes is the smartest thing to do, and it also saves you money by extending the life of your asphalt. We can seal cracks in residential driveways or commercial parking lots and roadways. We use high quality hot applied crack filler to meet the needs of each application. The most important part of crack sealing is the crack prep, we have all necessary equipment to make sure the crack is prepared properly so the filler bonds to existing pavement and provides a strong seal keeping out all water and debris.

Residential & Commercial Services

We also offer driveway and parking lot sealing. Our seal coating is done with a spray system to eliminate roller and squeegee marks which provides nice even coverage. A typical driveway we will edge, removing all grass and dirt that has been creeping out onto the edges of your driveway and then seal all the cracks before putting a coat of high quality sealer on it. Not only will this add many years to your driveway but also gives it the like new appearance again.

For our commercial customers we also offer parking lot striping, we can layout a newly paved or sealed parking area or overlay of an existing parking lot. We have all the stencils to make sure your parking area meets all ADA requirements and traffic flows as needed, while maximizing parking spaces.