Chemical Application

Pest & Weed Control

There are several chemical applications that can benefit a lawn and landscape.

Our most common is a broadleaf weed control, which will kill dandelions, clover, and all other weeds classified as a broadleaf weed. If your lawn is suffering from some type of disease we can diagnose and treat, giving you the green beautiful lawn, you have always wanted. Pelletier Property Services can also treat for insects such as spiders, ants, grubs, and any other insect that may be a pest to you. A common service administered in the spring is a parameter control, which is a treatment sprayed around the base of your home to deter pests from entering your home. Our staff is trained to inject fertilizer around trees to promote max growth and prevent disease and pest infestations. We also do vegetation management, killing any brush or grass in places that you don't want it. We have several staff licensed through the Maine Board of Pesticide to take care of all your pest control needs.